Monday, August 22, 2011

E-mail from Dad and Janice... 1st weekend at MD Anderson

(Janice typing)
For years, I have looked for an old friend that I met in Bible School. Could not find her. She was a Haitian Missionary and nurse. Last week, I got a lead as to her new last name. I Googled her and found her in South Dakota. She was connected to a Hospice Center, which I now know, she owns. I called the hospice at 5:30 yesterday and her answering service put me through to her. It was wonderful to renew our friendship!!!! I told her what Tom is going through and then I started taking notes. She told me exactly how to help him. He has suffered for 2.5 weeks with a terrible headache that was increasing which causes nausea and he does not want to get off the sofa. She said narcotics will not help this pain, he needs Dex (anti-inflammatory). She told me the dosage. I called the ER and got the doc to call it in... he was willing to help. He had his first dose at 8pm last night. He has not had any narcotics since. Praise God! Now that was around the elbow to get to the thumb, BUT GOD!!! Yahoo!
Now that was me, now Tom wants to talk...
(Dad typing)
Janice had told me a year or two ago (one of few times we were talking about motorcycles) about this motorcycle club that came to Florida every year to their church and stayed at their house each time. She described them a very big, burly, tattooed, biker dudes..... one always, upon arrival, walked to the back yard and got a drink out of the swimming pool !! Keeps down the parasites you know. I have many times noticed their members around wherever I go--- it’s an international motorcycle club called the "Tribe of Judea"--- they are reformed bad boy and girl bikers. I've even thought that I might someday want to join one of their chapters.
Yesterday, Janice told me that she knew the overall head of the club and his wife from their visits to Florida and she thought their headquarters and church was here around Houston. I asked her to find out, as I thought I would like to attend their church today.
We attended with Daniel and Tasha this morning..... the attached photos are from the service.
The pastor (and head of the international club), during his sermon, stopped, walked down straight to me, asked my name and said he knew I suffering from a major health problem and needed prayer, which he did right then..... later at the end of the service, he and his wife and two other men (one with a cancer diagnosis from February and now is cancer free) prayed for me again.
Told them I intend to come back "on MY ride" sometime but they might not appreciate as I suspected they are all Harley guy/gals)..... they said that me and my Beamer would be quite welcome anytime.
Been walking and sitting with my head up all day without any narcotics..... new meds from Janice’s old friend and complements of her ER doc friend.
Hopefully, tomorrow, we will get appointment with pain management people and schedule for chemo.
Good to let you know positive things.
Love you guys, Dad