Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Luke's Baptism

A special little boy. Luke Timothy Benfield. Makes a decision to give his life to the Lord. Baptized in a creek by his pastor and his Dad. Yay Lukey!

And one of Lilly Kate because she's so cute!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our American Girl's Tea Party

To celebrate Selah's long awaited American Doll, as well as her 7th birthday, we hosted a birthday tea with Selah's friends and their dolls.

The party started Friday night with swimming at our pool. Then home to roast S'mores and play in the back yard. The girls had chocolate covered cheeks and chins, but they didn't mind a bit! The most fun was when they sat on the trampoline in the dark and took turns telling funny stories. At about 10:15pm they came inside, changed into pj's, and got their sleeping bags all set up. They watched the American Girl movie Felicity. At about midnight we sat around the dining room table and each of the girls made a tiny purse for their dolls. At about 1:30am they were back in their sleeping bags and ready to watch the American Girl movie Samantha. 3 of the girls fell asleep at 2:00am, the other 3 girls made it through the whole movie, and finally we had an official "lights out" at 3:00am.

The 3 early sleepers were the early risers, with the other 3 girls following about an hour later. At 10:00am the girls were dressed and we had a breakfast tea on the back patio. It was BEAUTIFUL!! The girls and their dolls were so pretty! The flowers and sunshine made it a perfect setting. Selah chose the menu, and it was delicious! Cherry turn-overs with ice cream, sausage links, fruit salad, and sweet tea. All served on her Great-Great Grandmother's wedding china, and eaten with her Great Grandma's wedding silverware. We read a story written by Selah's Grandma Lou Lou about an American Girl named Selah who was celebrating her 7th Birthday. The story brings tears to my eyes every time I read it (even when I read it at the party), and it was the perfect touch to it all. She opened gifts, and then we said good-bye to the guests. It was a wonderful celebration, once again.

Selah is a sweet, beautiful, thoughtful little girl. We thank God almost every time we look at her! She is the answer to our prayers long ago, and she couldn't be more perfect to us. We love her so much! Looking forward to a year of her being 7.