Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grandma Rada's Homemade Jam

I was just looking for a good excuse to spend some time with my Grandma Rada, so I called her and asked if she could help me make and can my first batch of jam. She was happy to have us. For as long as I can remember she has canned foods, so I wanted her to be the one to teach me how.
The kids and I picked about 5 gallons of blackberries at the Owasso Tree and Berry Farm with Dad and Janice one morning. I bought blueberries as well, and away we went to Grand Lake to spend the day making jam.
I used about 3 gallons of blackberries, and we had picked the other 2 for her to use in her pie baking. First we made the blueberry jam, then the blackberry. We just followed the recipe on the back of the Pectin package. They both turned out delish! And I think the blueberry is my favorite jam ever! The blackberry is really good too, but I love the blueberry.
The kids helped fill the jars, and Grandma and I had so much fun in the kitchen together that afternoon. It was so surreal at times... I can remember my mom and my grandma standing in the kitchen cooking, canning, talking, and spending time together. There were a few moments that I had that "oh this is like de ja vue... cept it's Grandma and ME... who is reminding me of my MOM!" Weird, but cool, but sad. Anyway. We did have a great time. I liked her little canning tools. Antiques, I'm sure. But practical and neat! My Grandma Rada is so fun. Neat. Funny. Smart. Good and what she does. Does what she loves. Loves what is good. Like JAM! Yum!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Slumber Party


Pool Time and Play Time

Homemade mini pizzas!

Surprise, surprise! The American Girls came along for the party too!

And of course something special and yummy and well planned out for breakfast!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Camping @ Skiatook Lake

Skiatook Lake, 2010. Camping trip with great friends! What a blast! 2 nights... 2 meals on the open fire... 2 boats... a cool bunch of kiddos with lots of laughter, silliness, soccer, fishing, and good times. Good friends make the world a much better place.

Boating and Fishing @ Skiatook Lake

Ha! Ha! I love this picture of the kids looking over the side of the boat to see if we caught any catfish! My Dad let us use his catfish jugs and I got to teach everyone all about baiting, setting the jugs, and then checking the next morning to see if we had any luck. It was so fun! And now the guys all think I'm cool ~ hee! hee! Anyway, it was fun and I was happy to get to show everyone how to do it. Of course, the kids loved it. The next morning we did have several decent sized catfish on our lines. We ended up giving the fish to some people that were camping near us, and they were quite excited to clean and eat the fish.

Then the rest of the day was spent skiing, tubing, and [attempting] to wakeboard. For some reason I got up the first time, but was knocked down pretty quick by waves. And I could NOT get back up!?!? I tried and tried and for whatever crazy reason couldn't get back up. So I knee boarded instead. Alan wakeboarded for awhile but hit a big wave h-a-r-d and was done for the day after a bad fall.

We bought a pair of kid-size skiis for the kids. I was skiing at their age, so we talked to them about it and they were excited to try it out. Bryson and Selah were both able to ski a little ways. It was cool! But they were kind-a timid so didn't stay up more than a minute maybe. Hopefully we can get back on the water so they can try again soon! Charis wanted to try, but we didn't think she was quite big enough yet. She wasn't happy about it, but a ride in the tube made it all better! I was enjoying the moment so much watching them get up on their skis that I didn't snap a picture ~ bummer! Next time!
I love being on the lake! We had a great weekend camping and playing on the water.