Thursday, October 7, 2010

All In One Day

Wow. The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind.
My friend Cara called to tell me she had a friend who is wanting to buy a house in our neighborhood, and close quickly on it, and that she really wants her to see our house if it's still for sale. Yes, we had a for sale sign in the yard for about a month, but no lookers. So we pulled it down, deciding to finish some projects and maybe wait on the market to come back a little. I told Cara I would send pictures via e-mail to her friend. About 2 hours later I got a call from their Realtor saying they wanted to see the house at 5:30 today, and that they were ready to "move on this quick.".
People tell me all the time, and I love my home enough to believe it too, but everyone has said it will sell quick. And we were a little prepared for that, provided we could get someone in the door. Our first home sold in 2 days. Also listed "by owner.".
We cleaned and tidied it up, and even today Selah was an awesome helper, going above and beyond anything I asked her to do. She is so thoughtful.
Their Realtor stopped by this afternoon to see it first, and from that conversation seemed quite sure they would want the house. We showed the house at 5:30, and less than 2 hours later had a full priced offer, less some fees. As it works out, we will close in 23 days if everything goes through.

Now, for that part I really want to blog about. I don't deal well with change. Never have. Not as a kid, not as a college student, and not really as an adult either.. I hang onto what I have... What is comfortable and routine and known. It will take Alan and I years to decide to buy a different car. Not that I can't part from the old one, but because we like not having car payments, or things like that.
We love this house, but this is not the house I want to retire in. And I don't want to move away from the house we raise the kids in. Ha! Just imagine what what that would be like for me compared to this!!

So we got the offer, and I got a little sad right off the bat about someone else getting to live in my beautiful home. And I got sad about the kids having to move away from their good friends. And what if we can't find this dream home I keep, well, dreaming about? So we risk loosing this awesome house for who knows what yet?

We held a family prayer time with the kids, specifically about the house deal. Selah prayed first, and in her prayer she said "help Mommy and Daddy to decide on the right things for us...." That statement alone gave me peace. I prayed. Alan prayed, and after he said "amen" Bryson said "Dad, Soloman prayed for wisdom." Yes he did. Bryson said "you just prayed for wisdom too."
Charis cried when I tucked her in, saying she didn't want to move. Selah is very excited, and when I tucked her in she asked me how I was feeling. I told her that I was a little nervous, a little sad, and little excited and happy too. But that if this is all working for us, and if we keep praying that God will help lead us to the right place next, then we are gonna love it and see how it all worked together for good.