Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday, Indeed

This is Good Friday, and it has been so. Selah was home from school, and Alan home from work, so we had a fun, family-filled afternoon. We ate at our favorite pizza place for lunch, then made our way to Border's bookstore for a couple hours. The kids had fun gathering up books to look at and we all sat at the table and read/browsed through our selections. Selah's favorite was the Compact Guide to Oklahoma Birds. She spent quite a bit of time looking at all the different birds. She also gathered up several different princess-ey books as well. Charis had a big stack of lots of different books, mostly pink :) but her favorite was the Elle magazine I grabbed for her off the magazine rack. She poured over the pictures of all the fashion models, critiquing them as she flipped the glossy pages. All the fashion dresses and shoes... right up her alley. She did not like the women with the shaved heads, but found many dresses she approved of! She's so funny with the clothes! Bryson spent most of his time doing search-and-find books. Alan looked through beer-making and poker-playing guides (that sounds much worse than it actually is?!?!?), and I did my usual... cookbooks. High hopes.

Then we came home, and we all went back to work. Alan is working in all his spare time on finishing our new addition upstairs, and I have a stack of about 12 plates to go.

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