Sunday, May 2, 2010

Selah is the Shining Star ~ 2010

Okay... so... first of all... recital day is maybe my FAVORITE day of the year! My little Mommy-heart just can't hardly stand the joy, pride, love, and emotion as I watch my baby girls up on stage. They are both really good dancers, and I love to watch them on stage. But their beauty and grace just radiates straight through me and I cry every time! The recital is totally my "pay-off" for all the time I spend sitting at the studio. I absolutely adore watching them dance on stage.

And this year... as if that alone wasn't enough... we were so proud to find out that Selah was the one student out of the whole dance company that was awarded the "Shining Star" award!
At the end of the dances, all the students receive a certificate and/or a medal for the number of years they have been dancing. And then Ms. Kari awards one dancer the "Shining Star" award. We were not aware ahead of time that she chose Selah, so this was a fun surprise for us as well as for Selah.
Ms. Kari said something pretty close to this ~ "I chose this years Shining Star student not only because she is a great dancer, but also because she is sweet... she always has a great attitude! She never complains, she is always happy and helpful, and she sets a great example to the other girls in her class. And this years Shining Star award goes to... Selah Aberle!!!!" (and the crowds went wild!! Ahh ahhh ahhh!!!) (okay... enough with the proud Mommy moment... I know. No... wait... let me relish in it a little longer... ahhh ahhh ahhh!!!)

Anyway, we are super proud of Selah. She is "that" kind of kid. In every way. And she really is a great dancer. And beautiful. Okay. I think I'll stop. For now.

Tap Dance to Footloose


Steph T. said...

Ahhh...I love that girl! So proud of her! CONGRATS!!

6HappyHearts said...

So talented AND cute!
Hhhmmm wonder where she gets it from?!?