Monday, February 14, 2011

Waking up to LOVE from my Sweet Baby Girl.

This morning I woke up to a little bit of sweet LOVE in the air... From my Baby Girl.
Last night she wasn't falling asleep. She kept yelling down the stairs, asking what time it was, or when we would be going to bed, etc. Finally, as we were about to go to bed she came down and told us what was up... HER!!! She confessed that she was waiting for us to go to bed, and she asked if we would shut our bedroom door because she had some " things she wanted to do for us for Valentines Day, and there wouldn't be time to get it done in the morning before we got up." So, we let her! She tucked us in bed, and we closed our door, and I laid there thinking "wahhhh, she is growing up! Will she turn the lights out before she goes to bed? What if she pours us cereal for breakfast and has it waiting all night long for us until we wake up? Have I ever explained about food and milk needing to keep cold? What if she gets scared? How late will she stay up? Hopefully she won't turn the TV on this late at night." After a few minutes of worrying and wondering, I felt at peace, knowing that she is quite the responsible 8 year old. Instead, I laid there for a few more minutes listening to a little bit of clanking and moving around, shutting of doors and shuffling feet across the floor. I think I had actually just barely fallen asleep when she came in to tell me she was going to bed. Really, that was so neat of her to do that. And it felt good to trust her and look forward to the morning surprise!
Happy Valetines Day! I woke up to my fuzzy house slippers laying beside me, and a note that said...

And in each room was another note. So sweet! I had to take pics of the notes.

So while we were sleeping, our little blonde-headed, blue-eyed cupid was spreading love notes around the house for us to wake up to. I loved it! So sweet!

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