Thursday, January 24, 2013

An ALMOST Sleep-over for 5!

Tonight we all somehow ended up piled in our bed... and we had about the best 30 minutes of fun and laughter that I can remember! I told the kids about how Alan has been waking me up in the middle of the night, asking me to "roll over because I'm snoring so loud that it's waking him up." First of all, I can't believe I'm snoring that loud. And he demonstrated what I sound like... and... it's like... OLD MAN snoring! AAAAHHHH!! We all laughed at the thought of me, sweet little Momma, snoring like a bear. Then Bryce said "Yeah! The other morning I heard you and I looked at Daddy and said "Is that MOMMY??" and we all busted out laughing again! Charis was beside me and muttered under her breath "aw, this is the best night ever!" And it really was. Real laughter and humor and love and warmth. Togetherness. They begged and begged to actually have a sleep over and make it all night long. Well... not tonight. And probably not really ever... but we sure had a fun time ending the night this way.


Steve Potis said...

Mom -

Sorry I need to post this but I cant find your email address on the blog.

I am Watercolor Artist who is sitting in his first rented public studio in a historic town in Maryland.

I am going to paint a series of paintings with a theme - called "Sentimental Moments". Not the Hallmark kind of art - I want the kind that you look at that cause an immediate lump in the throat and tearing. That is the effect that these pictures have on me. Specifically the on with the 3 kids on the boat all taking it in and looking in different directions, and a black and white photo with the person tubing and a jet ski in the background - getting every last minute out of the day playing.
I just want to let you know the a great painting starts with a great idea/subject matter and unless you have an objection I will use these 2 photos. If I can pull it off and paint a great picture I will have prints made and send them to you free of charge. Wish me luck...take care/

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