Saturday, December 6, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, our family comes to find you
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, we bring a saw... 'tis is true
We walk around, look up and down, I see you tall... 12 feet abound
On Alan's face, a deep set frown, I'll keep on searching 'til you, I've found.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, there you are, so lonely
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, so full and fragrant and dark green
The kids all watch, wide eyes and smiles. We take you home, you'll be dressed in a while
Oh Christmas Tree, A big "thanks" from me, for your beauty and the memories.

I always get pictures of the kids here every year... my favorite pics each year, I think!

The guys carrying our tree to the wagon
James is such a stud... one arm, even!

"Tree Farm... here we come!!!" We had so much fun on Saturday! I painted a few plates, we decorated the trees in the dining room, the game room, and finished the trees in the kids rooms (I know, a bit much. Did I ever tell you I LOVE twinkly lights? And what better way to get them in every room than at Christmas time and on trees!)

I have looked forward to this day for a couple weeks now. We were waiting for Janice to be able to join us in the festivities. To start it off, I gave the kids each a Christmas Build-A-Bear (which they loved!) We met Dad, Janice, James, and Lydia at the Tree Farm. We snapped pictures and then hitched a ride on the wagon to the back of the farm. We walked around 'till we found the perfect tree. James and Lydia found theirs too. Then we went in for hot cider, then home to decorate.
After dropping James and Lydia's tree at their new house, we all went to our place to set up the tree. We ate chili, made homemade popcorn balls (another fun new-to-all-of-us adventure), and watched Shreck The Halls. It was such a FUN night!!! I'm so glad we live close enough to family to enjoy this together!

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