Monday, August 10, 2009

Dr. Toot Fart

Well, I have a confession to make. Even before our little man was born, I must have known he would be "something pretty special" one day. I didn't yet know how sharp he would be, and how strong, creative, discerning, and fun. And he's athletic to boot! What a package! Those are things we have seen in him during his 5 years so far. While I do NOT want to hurry along his "growing up" years, I know he'll make me proud. He already does.
Which brings me to my confession...(I have a bad case of "digression")(see, there I go again)("digression" is not the confession)(ahhh! okay, I'll stop!)

Confession: When I was pregnant with him, and choosing names, I liked the name Bryson Aberle. Dr. Bryson Aberle. Doesn't that sound good!?!?!? Not that I'm willing him to be a Doctor or anything... that's out of my control. But it does have nice ring.

Well, Dr. Bryson Aberle has finally completed his many hours of education and practicum, and can successfully produce.......... arm-pit farts. You know how it is with kids?!?!? Surely it's not just my kids!?!?! Anything involving poop or toots always gets a laugh in our house. Always. Bryson has a little key-chain toy with 6 buttons, and each button creates a different toot-sound. He thinks its hilarious! It's called "Dr. Fart"
Confession #2: I do not like the word "fart." But in the case of this toy, they know they can get away with saying it because it's so stinkin' funny (no pun intended)! So after an hour or so of Bryson's arm-pit farts, he informed me last night that I can now call him - Dr. Toot Fart.

See what I mean about that boy making me proud! (wink, wink)

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