Saturday, August 8, 2009

Selah's Christmas in August

This morning Selah and Alan went on their Daddy-date. She wanted to "go to Hobby Lobby and take her piggy-bank" (which is actually a cute little fairy bank, but we all still call it a piggy bank ~of course~ you know how it goes with some things...)

When they got home she came bursting through the door and said "Everyone!!! Come sit in a circle on the floor!!" So we all gathered around, and she proceeded to pass out Christmas ornaments that she bought for each of us. They were beautiful, sparkly Christmas ornaments, which seem to be twice as pretty and exciting in the middle of the summer. Especially when you're least expecting it! She put lots of thought and care into her selections for each of us. She got me a nativity, Bryson a space-shuttle, and Charis a Princess tiara ornament. Selah picked 3 candy/ginger bread ornaments for her Christmas tree. Super cute! And so sweet and thoughtful!

Later I asked Alan about it, and he said she was so cute and sweet and intent on choosing the right ornaments for each of us, that he couldn't say "no" to her purchases. So he covered the remaining balance. He said it was almost $50 for all of them. I asked how much $$ Selah had brought with her from her "piggy." He said "About $2.50." :-) That makes me laugh. I love kids and their views on how the world works! My kids still think if they have a hundred coins in their bank, then that means they have a hundred "dollars." If only!?!?!?!?

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