Friday, December 25, 2009

You Gotta Get up ~ it's Christmas Morning!

We have wonderful tradition of always being at home on Christmas eve and Christmas morning.

We always attend the Christmas eve service at church, but this year we got so much snow, the service was canceled. We were disappointed, but still had a nice evening. We stayed home, made chili, and opened our gifts to each other. The kids used their own money to buy gifts for each of us in the family.

Christmas morning is the best. The kids wake up, hide their eyes as they're walking by the living room full of gifts, and once in our room they wake us up. They wait as patiently as they can until we get the cameras ready. This year when they woke us up, it sure seemed early, but we looked at the clock and it said 6:45am. We figured that was a fair time! Once we awake and in the living room Alan noticed the clock said 6:00am. So they actually got us up about 5:45am. Our bedroom clock was wrong. Oh well.

And off they went. This year Selah and Charis got American Girl stuff, and Selah got some new journals. Bryson got a skateboard, and few other little things, and a Wii (which was really for everyone).

Alan got a new TV (how many plates did I paint for that one!?!?), and I got some new cooking gifts. The Pioneer Woman has soooo inspired me, that Alan was very happy to give me some new things for the kitchen.

Most of all, we love seeing the excitement in their eyes. We love telling them about how Jesus is the greatest gift that God gave to all of us. And we love that they are learning to give.

Notice how dark it is at 5:45am? Ha!

Set up the Wii in the living room on another TV so we could watch him play.

Lots and lots of snow!

Selah got Alan an OSU hat.

Bryson gave Selah a blingy phone for her room, and a cute fuzzy doorbell

Charis opening one of her gifts on Christmas Eve

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