Thursday, July 29, 2010

She's Got Style...

Today Charis decided she wanted her top to be partially "strapless." And being the resourceful kid she is... she found the scissors and cut off one of the straps. Then she showed me. My first response was "Charis!!! Why did you do that??" But quickly thought of how creative, smart, strong, confident, and as said before, resourceful she is. And how much she loves her clothing, and even designing/putting outfits together, so I didn't end up getting on to her, really.
I often times am reminded of various famous (and not so famous) artists that maybe would have also done things such as this when they were little... and I don't want to squish that spirit of hers. We did talk about her not cutting her clothing any more without talking to me first. We also talked about letting her start to learn to sew. If I can get this girl in front of a sewing machine someday, I'm thinkin' it'll be pretty cool to see what she can do!


kenziekylanmom said...

Oh Cari what a good momma you are! I probably would have screamed, "what are you doing??"
She's adorable though and very creative!!!

6HappyHearts said...

Get that girl on Project Runway!
She will have her own clothing line very soon "Cute by C" ; )

Dawn said...

LOL! Between she and Camryn with her mad hair cutting skills they could go into business together!

Courtney is my fashion designer in the family. Because she hasn't been taught to sew the girl can make American Girl doll clothes with material and a glue gun! LOL!

Love this!