Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dallas American Girl Store

American Girls are a pretty big deal at our house. Selah loves the books, really likes the dolls, and enjoys collecting accessories that go along with them. Charis likes them too, but has to wait awhile longer for her first doll. And, I might as well just admit it... I'm just as into the American Girl stuff as they are.
The history behind the girls is so powerful and so relevant to my own little 'American Girls' as they are growing up in the 2000's. I love reading the books to them. I've laughed. I've cried more than once while reading various books to them. We all learn so much. Many times Selah's mouth is hanging wide open as I'm reading about the lives of the different Girls. Their adventures, or the struggles, or the vast differences in the culture then vs. now. It really is amazing. Wholesome. Good. And very educational.

So. I won't admit how many plates I have painted thus far to pay for all the American Girl shopping we have done. But it's A-LOT! And I justify it. Yes. I do.

So made another summertime trip to Dallas with our faithful and forever American Girl friends.

This bitty baby needed a visit to the hair salon!

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tonya carney said...

Wow! Now that is a shopping spree! How fun for your girls!