Wednesday, March 23, 2011




Selah was very nervous. So we wrote out one of the scriptures we love to hold on to during times like this, "Be stong and brave, for God is with you" Joshua 1:9. In honor of Valentines Day, she wrote it on a red heart she cut out, and she kept it tight in her hand while she got her braces put on. This girl is so steady in her faith and trust in God. It truly is inspiring.


Our neighbor and friend, Dr. Karla Boyd. The kids know and trust her, so that was a big help and comfort for Selah too. Doesn't she look so cute!

In just a few days, her front teeth were already together, and the next 2 teeth were pulled up and lining up. She has had them tightened once already. So braces for up to a year, maybe. Then they will come off, and then back on in a few years or so. It's a blessing to be able to help the kids' dental structure in this way. And an even bigger blessing to have our friend doing the work for them. Dr. Karla Boyd is fantastic with the kids, and does a great job!

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