Friday, August 15, 2008

First Week of School, 2008

We started school this week. Most of you know I was pretty ambivalent this summer, up until about a week ago, as to whether or not we were going to educate at home again this year. I can already tell you, one week into it, that I'm so glad we made this choice again. The kids did great this week. We all had fun together, and they were very excited each day to "do school" as they call it.
Bryson is not officially kindergarten age until next year, but he hangs right behind Selah. One day this week he opened up a book, turned to the first page, looked at the word at the top of the page, and sounded out the word 'acknowledgements' After I recovered from my astonishment, I told him to go get a book with 3-letter words and I would help him learn to read it. He read 4 stories, with little help from me. He wants to learn to read. Each day he has brought me the book and asked to read.
Selah is doing pretty good on her reading too. We didn't read this summer (OBVIOUSLY!!) so she needs a little reviewing on vowel sounds, but is doing good! She really likes the Math exercises we do. Other than that, we just "do life" and they learn as much as possible along the way. Whatever they are interested in, be it weather, our body and how it works, pirates, etc, that's what we focus on. We do lots of reading, puzzles, and crafts. I have a fun idea for this week... Believe it or not, I have not watched ANY of the Olympics yet (I'm telling you... we very rarely watch TV). Anyway, this week I want us to spend time learning about the Olympics. Bryson and Selah both like to watch sports on TV, so I think they'll find it interesting, and hopefully we can have some fun "couch potato" time watching it on TV this week. I've got the popcorn and candy ready!
One of my favorite things in life is watching them learn. Right now they love to learn. They are eager and curious, and they soak it all up. I want to cultivate that in whatever way their little brains and bodies are leading.
And one of my favorite things about learning at home is the fact that we can just be "us". We get up and around whenever we feel like it. Bryson did school one day dressed up in his dragon costume (wish I would have got a picture!). One day they wrote spelling words in sidewalk chalk on the driveway. One day after lunch we had friends over to swim. One day we met Papa and Daddy for lunch. One day we played at the gymnastics gym with friends. Every day we enjoyed being together.
I love most of all that I can keep their hearts just a little bit longer. I love that I don't have to give them up for 8 hours a day. As long as it works for our family, I am enjoying this "extra" time with them.

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