Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Beginnings

Alan started a new job this past week. He was with his previous company for almost 5 years. Even up until the night before, we wondered aloud, "Is this the right thing to do? Should we really go through with this? The old company would probably still have him back?!?!?" It's always such a scary thing to do, ya know? Moving from one company to another. Is it going to be more stressful? Is the company secure? Will they try to make him work more hours than he usually works? What will his colleagues be like?
Well, the first week was good over all. The controller before Alan left him absolutely nothing to spring from. No notes, no idea of where things were, nothing. That was really frustrating for him. But the people were nice. Alan said the company President is pretty cool. And the most important part to us, everyone pretty much leaves around 5:30 or so. Alan said it seems like everyone likes to have a good time. This week (his first week), the Pres. brought in Merritt's donuts, TCBY quarts complete with waffle cones, cookies, and maybe another day of more donuts. Sounds like a fun guy. Fat, maybe?? But fun! (Ha~I crack myself up!!!)
Upon meeting Alan, one guy made a comment, "So, what, do we hire 'em right out of college now?" Later the guy said "So how old are you?" Alan told him he's 35. "How old are you?" Alan asked him back. The guy said "the same age... but I don't have people reporting to me!"
Another new beginning in our journey, and we hope and pray this will be a successful and peaceful one.

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