Saturday, August 30, 2008

A typical, not-so-typical Saturday

This is a typical Saturday for us... me painting at the bar, Alan mowing the lawn, piles of laundry on the couch to fold, family outting to lunch and the grocery store... We LOVE the weekends! (who doesn't)
But this Saturday is a little atypical as well...
1.) Alan is upstairs with the kids "doing school"
School on Saturday isn't really the norm, plus Alan is the one doing the project with them. A week or so ago he started talking about the Earth, Sun, planets, stars, etc. with them, and he told them he would help them build a model of the Solar system. We would then spend some time learning about it.
So today they dropped me off at the grocery store to shop by myself (much rejoicing!!!) and they went to Hobby Lobby to begin their search.

Here are a few pictures of their fun little project. They each painted 3 planets. This was right up Selah's alley, of course, and the other 2 got into it too. Bryson came down the stairs and said "Mommy, I just painted Mercury, Saturn, and Mars." Charis piped in saying "Yeah, and I made-ed... celery-eee, and carrots-ssss, and carrots!" (ha! she did paint 3 of the planets, just didn't quite remember the names).
Alan said Bryson said "Since there are 9 planets we all got to paint 3 of them. And if there were 12 planets, then we could each paint 4!)
So there we have it! Science, art, and math, all in one!

2.) Another "typical"... football on Saturday. But not-so-typical... getting to watch football with Matt and his family. They all came over to watch football and have breakfast for dinner~ Alan's famous omelets.

So, Alan teaching the kids, football with family, breakfast for dinner. What a great Saturday (which, by the way, is typical).


Jodie said...

ahhhhh, I remember the planet project with Luke. Fun fun fun.

6HappyHearts said...

Hey we didn't talk about Saturday schedules ; )

6HappyHearts said...

Pookie go check out my blog in between platters ; )