Saturday, February 14, 2009

I heart Alan!

We had another fun holiday. I love the festivities, no matter which holiday it is (well, Arbor Day is a bit of a bore). Valentine's Day is one of my favorites. Alan had flowers sent to us girls (via. the "brown guy" (UPS)). And he brought home a Jenga game for Bryce. Selah got tulips, Charis got lily's and purple somethin', and I got 2 doz. roses. They were all beautiful!
Alan and I celebrated with a heart shaped pizza at Andolini's. It was so yummy, and very romantic. On Saturday for lunch we made heart shaped pizza's for the kids for lunch. I used Grand's biscuits, rolled them out, and let the kids cut a heart shaped "crust" with a cookie cutter. Then they eached topped their pizzas. Super cute! But each kid only took maybe 2 bites. Okay, so that was a flop. But the cupcakes were a hit! You can see in the picture below... by the end of their day, the kids were worn out.
Alan and I ended the evening with a late-night snuggling on the couch, watching a chick-flick, enjoying the fire in the fireplace, and nibbling on (uh.hum. no! come on! not that!) a mongo-size Reece's chocolate heart. Happy Valentine's Day! I love my Babe, my Babies, my family, and all of my friends.

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6HappyHearts said...

Ummmm why weren't the six j's invited over for the A-dorable mini heart pizzas??!!