Monday, February 2, 2009

She Can't Get Enough

You would think the tutu's, make-up, nail polish, princess dresses, curlers, jewelry, and dress up shoes would be enough. Oh no. She has been asking me for about a year to get her ears pierced. Originally I had wanted her to wait until she was 5 like Selah did. I want her to remember and appreciate the special event! But after one more morning of "Mommy, when can I get earrings?" I decided that this little girly girl wants them so bad, she WILL remember it. So, after picking up Selah from school we went to Claire's and did the deed.
She picked purple, of course. Well, she kept going back and forth between pink and purple, but settled on purple.

I prepared her for the pain, and she did fine. The lady pierced the first ear. Charis just looked at me with a straight face. She waited for the other one, and then she reached for me to hold her. No tears. No smiles. Just a straight "don't show any sign of pain" expression on her face. After a few minutes, she was elated! We told her she has to keep them in until we go to the beach (May). I want them to have several months to get the holes healed before we start changing earrings.

I think she was most excited about showing her new earrings to Daddy when he got home from work.

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