Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Well, it's been almost a month since I've posted anything. Which is just about when my spring business started up again. Go figure. Our days are now filled with playing outside on the driveway with neighbors, painting (I have a stack of about 40 platters right now), Facebook (uhhhh, it's so bad!), and here's what our weekly schedule looks like:

Monday: Me to the Y (exercise)
Bryson baseball practice
Tuesday: My ladies bible study (Beth Moore, Esther)
Bryson baseball practice
Selah soccer practice
Wednesday: Me to the Y
Selah soccer practice
Thursday: Charis dance
Selah dance
Bryson baseball games
Friday: Me to the Y
and our family NIGHT OFF!!!!! This will probaby be our night at home to hang out and grill out and chill!!! (oh, and it's Alan and I's "Netflix" night)
Saturday: Selah soccer game
Bryson soccer game
Sunday: Church, rest (forced 30 minutes to lay down and "rest"), then work on projects around the house and yard.

It's all good! Good thing I'm nuts about sports, or I'd be one unhappy Momma! Alan is going to help coach Bryson's baseball team... our friend is the head coach, so that'll be fun too!
We are looking forward to spring and we're having so much fun... making memories! As I've said before, I'm the "stay at home mom that never stays home!"

ps. Next I need to plan (gotta do that part first) and then post a weekly menu plan for our meals. With being so busy, I really need to get more organized so we can still eat good. I'll get right on that!!!!!??????

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