Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Wasn't Planning on This Post...

Well, here is our 2nd haircut for the week. Not a planned one, either. Charis has been asking me all week since Selah got hers cut. She says "I don't want my hair long!"

At first thought, I can't believe that this girl, who is 110% girly-girl... who has to change her outfits 5 times a day, one of which always includes a tutu... the girl who puts on lipstick all day long, as well as other make-up if the time is right... loves lotion, nail polish (got a pedi and mani last week)... sets out her clothes on her floor at night, complete with matching bows and tights... and if not set out, the first thing she says to me when she climbs in my bed in the a.m. is "Mommy, can you please get me dressed!... the girl who will not wear jeans or shorts (has to be a dress or a skirt)... this girl who "gets" the importance of a cute appearance (hee hee), who says to me some days "Mommy, why are you wearing that???"... this girl CUT HER OWN HAIR!!!!!!!!

But on second thought... she is my strong-willed child. Independent from the get-go. Takes care of herself and her brother and sister better than the rest of us. This is the girl who I can't force her to wear something unless she wants to wear it. (sniff, sniff) This is the girl who I know to consult before I buy her any clothes. This is the "leader" who is strong, independent, confident, and who takes care of the task at hand. Which, yesterday, (apparently) was her hair! "Too long!"

Okay, now, in reality, it wasn't that bad. I actually didn't even notice it until today at lunch. She cut one side, about to her ear. There are still a few whispy's hanging down, so not too noticeable, I guess. And at least I can still get those sides up in a bow.

Funny thing is... she cut it, and hid the hair behind the bedroom door. (now that might be something I should worry about!)I found some puppy hair there too. Notice in the pic, her puppy also got some lipstick while at "Charis' Beauty Salon."

Hopefully this won't happen again. And maybe... MAYBE... she'll get herself a bob for summer. Maybe.

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brianj33 said...

It's only fair that she got a blog all about her hair cut too! That's one thing I haven't had to deal with (since we have short boy hair around here).