Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spur of the Moment Fun

Thursday morning we dropped Selah off at school, and the kids and I went to the IMom breakfast at Chick-Fil-A. Afterwards I was hanging around talking with friends about different craft projects we are going to be making and doing together. My friend Sarah said "do you wanna make pillow case dresses today?" "Yyyyeah!" I said! So we put the kids in the car, and drug them in and out of Ross, Target, and Hobby Lobby. By the time we got to her house, we had 4 projects in the works. The pillow case dresses (I found pillow cases for my girls for $5 each at Ross), plus we'll make shirts/dresses out of yellow chick print hand towels we found at Target (that one is Sarah's creation, which I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out!). We also bought bags and fabric to make our kids little canvas bags. I made Bryson's bag a baseball theme, and the girls' dance. Sarah and I also made ourselves a fun tumbler glass and had them monogrammed with our name. The lady that does my monogramming happens to be Sarah's neighbor, so we called her and she was available to monogram all our stuff. We had so much fun! I use to sew alot as a kid, so it was so nice to sit down at a machine again. I've been planning to get a new sewing machine for my birthday this year, so this was a good "tease" for my upcoming gift. We only got the bags and the tumblers done that afternoon at her house, but we'll get together again soon to make dresses.
Sarah and I both own our own business that we run out of our house... both having to do with art/craft items that we create. She makes jewelry, silhouettes, and she use to sew alot before she moved to Oklahoma. We joked about how we got to spend a day working on a project because we "wanted" to, not because we "had" to in order to fill an order. It was a very fun spur-of-the-moment day.


MelissaC said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You girls are so crafty!

anxiously hopeful said...

What a day! I made a pillow case shirt for myself out of a vintage pillowcase my mom was going to sell in a garage sale. It has fun crocheted yellow flowers at the bottom. I'm saving It's match to make a dress for Eden.

My sewing machine is a Singer Confidence. I really like it. It has some bells and whistles but doesn't do monogramming or anything like that. It is computerized with about 20 different stitches, button holes, etc. Good enough for me and I am pretty sure it's a little under your price range.

anxiously hopeful said...

I'll try to remember to take a picture and send it to you when I get home. I honestly just made it like the little girl dresses but it lookslike a shirt (or could pass for a swimming suit cover-up). I made mine with one long contunuous ribbon so I could tie it over one shoulder for a littel more grown up look.

Anonymous said...

Cari- what a fun day, I can't wait to finish all of our projects! Sarah