Monday, September 13, 2010

Day # 3 Animal Kingdom

Wow! This was a FULL day of fun! Today was Animal Kingdom day. For my little 'zoo' lovers, this park was right up their alley. We started the day out with Mickey shaped waffles and an African omelet breakfast at the Tuscar House Cafe. We got to meet Daisy, finally! And Mickey and Goofy were there too.
As soon as breakfast was over, it was first things first... A pin trade or two, and then the safari ride!! We saw giraffes, hippos, elephants, and many other birds and creatures of the savanna.

Next we set off on a trail walk through the jungle. Our favorite part of Animal Kingdom was the Bugs Life show that took place in the roots of the Tree of Life. I laughed and laughed just watching the kids. I'm pretty sure I heard Bryson scream a time or two - Ha! Ha! It was a 3D show with added splashes of water, bursts of wind, and some creepy crawly feels of bugs and worms underneath us. Bryson and Selah both reached for bugs, ducked to avoid danger, and Bryce is sure he punched the head off of one of the bad bugs. It was so fun!! They LOVED this show! Hilarious!!

After an really neat parade, we headed back to the resort at about 4pm. We decided to head to the pool to cool off and play. I even got in the water and - got my hair wet! - which is rare! After a couple hours of fun and relaxation at the pool we deicided to be wild-and-crazy-die-hards and head to Magic Kingdom for the 9pm-midnight exclusive park admission for resort guests only. We hurried and changed clothes, and made it the park in time for the fireworks show above the castle. Instead, as soon as we arrived and found a spot, the kids and I went to get Mickey ice cream cones and when we came out of the parlor, a crazy wild storm came upon us out of no where! They advised everyone to take cover. The kids and I Ran back into the the ice cream parlor, and Alan was left to find cover for him and the stroller. About 30 minutes went by and the storm passed. It was a creepy hurricane type storm. Lots of wind, thunder, and lightening. It was kinda cool though. Poor Alan was soaked.

I fell in love with my sweet wet man a little more tonight. The kids still wanted to see the parade and Alan was totally willing to stick it out. I don't think I would have been so nice. but he was. He never even complained or acted frustrated about it. The show finally started about 10:15pm. Charis fell asleep on my lap during the fireworks, so after the show, he offered to take her back to our resort. Selah and Bryce were excited though about getting to stay at the park during the late hours, so I stayed with them until midnight. It was a fun special time for the three of us!

Needless to say, it was a long day. The plan is to sleep in and start Day 4 in the late morning and go as long as we can. We are having fun, but we gotta keep up with our rest. If we can.

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