Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day #4 and 5, Epcot

Epcot was our family's favorite park. All I can say about it is "wow!" Literally I don't even know where to start. The first day we spent the entire time in the front half of the park. We rode the Nemo ride, spent a couple hours exploring the aquarium, and we had lunch at the Coral Reef, enjoying our view of the marine life, the glass view being one entire wall. It was neat. The kids had fun chasing the water snakes at te fountain, rode Fast Track, played some educational interactive games, rode the AWESOME ride inside the huge geosphere, and ended the night with the fireworks show.
As we were watching the fireworks, I noticed across and around the back side if the lake there were lots if big buildings.... And it was then that we figured out that was all the "COUNTRIES" that Epcot is famous for. WOW! We hadn't even made it to that part of the park! We spent the entire day just in the front riding rides and playing games.
So Day 5 we headed straight for the countries. We explored Mexico, China, Germany, I think? I mean, there were still lots of countries we never even made it to. Amazing. We loved it!
Even the second half of day 6 we squeezed in a few more hours at Epcot, and still only made it half way around the lake. I think we could spend an entire week just at Epcot. Maybe in the future we will!
It was our family's favorite!

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