Friday, September 10, 2010

Disney World 2010

We are here! We are here! We are here!
After two months of waiting, hours of planning, days of sewing and creating, and a few hours of traveling, we are finally here!

We arrived at the airport and they whisked us away to our resort to check in, and then we headed straight to Magic Kingdom! We didn't even have to wait and pick up our luggage. It "magically" appeared in our room while we were at the park.

Our first day here at Disney World has been great. We enjoyed a tour of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, which was especially exciting for the kids because we recently read the book and watched the movie.

Bryson LOVED the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and literally has not stopped playing with his souvineer sword since then. He is really into Pirates right now, and this ride was so cool. We all really liked it, and it made him even more excited about his special 2 hour pirate excursion coming up on Tuesday.

We ended the night having dinner at Chef Mickey's. This is one of the most popular character meal dinners, and it took me several times of trying, but we managed to land a 9:05pm reservation (and that was booked 2 months ago). The timing worked good though with it being our first night and being full of excitement. We were able to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pluto. The kids got their autographs and I got pictures of the kids with each of them.

The sweetest thing happened tonight. A moment that made this Mommy and Daddy proud. I had come prepared with small pieces of colored
card stock and Sharpies for the kids to use to get autographs from the Characters. The last to visit our table was Mickey. He took a little extra time with the kids and even wrote their names and signed it "Your Pal, Mickey." Then he was off to another nearby table. Bryson asked me for a paper and Sharpie. I handed it to him and he wrote the words "thank you" and drew a heart. He waited for Mickey to finish at the table next to us, and then Bryson handed Mickey his note. Mickey stopped, read the note, clutched it to his heart, and then drew a heart in the air with his hands. He gave Bryson a big hug, and then came back to our table and motioned for Bryson and the girls to sign the thank you card Bryson made him. Isn't that so sweet? Mickey wanted their autographs! I love that boy. My rough tough sword fighting pirate sweetheart of a kid. Who also wasn't afraid to pause quick to pee in the bushes on our walk back to the resort. Ugh. Really? At least it was dark. I looked back and saw him and said "Bryce! What are you doing?!?!?" to which he replied "That's what boys do, Mom."

So yes... we are feeling the MAGIC!

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