Monday, January 10, 2011

Celebrating 7 Years with Bryce

Our little buddy is 7!!!!!! Wow. I can't believe it! Yesterday was his birthday and we had a fun day of celebrating him! He woke up happy, came down the stairs, and right into my arms! I gave him a birthday hug and kiss, and we began our day. After church, we had donuts, and Grandpa Gene and Grandma Lou Lou were with us. Then it was off to party at Incredible Pizza for lunch, cake, and arcade time!!
Bryce chose to have his party there, and it really was a good time!. A little bit of craziness.... keeping up with all the kids would have been impossible had the parents not all been there, but it was fun to watch them smile as they played arcade games, mini-golf, bumped in bumper cars, raced in go-carts, bowled, played ice hockey, ski ball, and lots more. He had a BLAST and said it was his best birthday ever. We stayed all afternoon- started the party with lunch, and ended it with dinner. Then headed home. He got some cool gifts from his friends, and has been playing with them ever since. Lots of legos, Nerf stuff, books, games, $36 in cash. Oh, and he's been chewing lots of gum today from his gum ball machine Grandma and Grandpa got him. Last year they got him a plastic one, this year upgraded to a metal one. Next year maybe a life-sized big one on a stand???!!!!???? Ha! That would be cool!

This morning he woke up and said "Mommy, I don't think I'm really 7." I asked him why he was thinking that. He said "because it doesn't feel any different than when I was 6!"
Ahhhhhh. This is the reason I blog. So I won't forget those sweet little things they think and say.

He is such a fun little guy.
FUN- he has a great sense of humor. He's witty and sarcstic and we love it. He is laid back and gets along with everyone. If they know him, they like him. He is active and playful, and the epitome of a little boy having fun in life. I love most of all the way his whole face lights up when he smiles.
LITTLE- yes. He is. At least a head shorter and a whole lot lighter than the boys his age. He weighs in at I think 43 lbs maybe. But he is incredibly strong... I haven't seen him wrestle yet with a friend that he can't beat. He can run longer and faster than any other 6 year old we could find on record for 5ks (since 1998). And he is all about playing, running, exploring, climbing, etc outdoors. He is little, but he's a machine. We've been trying to feed that boy some carbs! :-)
GUY- the only one we got, which makes him extra special to us in that way. He's Daddy's little buddy, and he's Momma's baby boy! His sweet heart and warm hugs light up my life.

Happy Birthday Sugar-booger! I love to have another year with you!


Kim said...


I was doing my 'never-get-to-look' blog hopping today and I saw this post....Happy Birthday Bryce! There is a short story that you need to read (you could turn it into a lesson too)...I give it to my kiddos on their birthdays. It's "Eleven" by Sandra's about having a birthday but not feeling older. Perfect for Bryce's feelings about not feeling 7!

Steph T. said...

Happy Birthday to your little man...:) He will be double that before you know it!!