Thursday, January 13, 2011

NOT So Much the Apple of My Eye

Well, my eyes are changing. First I have some grey hairs, then I find wrinkles and laugh lines, and now, I know I need glasses!?!? Aaaaahhhh!
So I didn't realize it until this last week. I got Alan and Apple TV 2nd Generation for Christmas. That allows us to link up the computer, the iPad (an iPhone if we had one) to our TV. It is really cool! Through the Apple TV we can streamline movies and things from the Internet. The kids an play Webkinz or other Internet games. I can facebook, e-mail, and blog. Alan can surf or do business stuff, using a wireless keyboard, or the iPad. It's nice not to have to have your face in a laptop or iPad so much now.
However, I can't see the words on the TV screen! From my couch that is 8 feet away!!! I had no idea!!! The first night I decided to blog using the TV as my computer screen, I asked Alan why it was all blurry. He said it wasn't. I said it was! He went and got me a pair of glasses from the bedroom and I put them on and then all at once, not blurry.
((deep sigh))
And now, it seems I all of a sudden can tell even in other everyday activities. My eyes need help.
I'm going to go make an appointment now. Glasses or contacts?
Not really happy about this.


Kim said...

There are some cute glasses out there! Maybe you could get both.

kenziekylanmom said...

It happens to the best of us, they have some really cute glasses out right now so pick some fun, cute, blingy ones! LOL!