Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas And New Years

Here we are all snug in our duplex, enjoying the Christmas season. We had a nice time in Springfield with the Aberles. Dedo and Tasha came to town for a couple days and it was fun hanging out with them. the Christmas Eve service has become one of my favorite things at Christmastime. I love singing the carols, being reminded of the birth and life of my Lord, and I treasure it as such a special time with my family. I always miss my Mom so much during the service, but I'm thankful I have memories of many Christmas Eve services with her.

New Years Eve and Day weekend was quiet and relaxing. We just stayed home and chilled out -- Best weekend we've had in a long time! Much needed! James, Lydia, and Brynlee came over New Years night and we grilled burgers, fried potatoes, and enjoyed a yummy baked banana dessert that Selah made for us. New Years Day I had a breakfast date with my Dad. Then the rest of the day, again, hanging out at home, just us. We watched football, and got our butts kicked by Bryson in the Just Dance Wii game. Does that kid have to be so good at EVERYTHING?!?!?!? Lol!! Actually, as embarrassing as it might be, Bryson and Alan smoke all us girls in the dance-offs. ((deep sigh)). Oh well! We also played Wii bowling (practicing for our upcoming tourney against the Lyness family - "GO ABERLES!!") and made a big pot of ham and beans. Does that count for good luck? I explained to Selah about superstitions and such, and she just looked at me and said, "well that's just weird and doesn't even make sense.". Yeah... I love my logical, don't-give-me-that-crap kind of kids. :-)

As for this last day of holiday breaks, we are watching football and once again, relaxing. Nice.

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