Monday, July 21, 2008

24 1/2 Pounder!?!?!

Do I sound like a fisherman? Fisherwoman? We had such a fun time!

**DISCLOSURE** Although I blog for myself, I also write my blogs often times with friends or family in mind. This blog is one my girlfriends might get a little bored with~ but I bet our family will enjoy! (hee hee!)

My Dad has a fishing boat with all the get-up. Me, Alan, the kids, my nephew Aaron (he's been staying with us for a little over a week), my brother James, and Dad all went out on the lake last night and set the lines. It took about an hour to bait all 12 lines and set them out. The lines are fishing twine with 2 hooks that is attached to a round styrofoam floater. It is yellow as it floats on the water, but if a fish bites the bait and gets hooked, the floater flips over and the other side is red. If you look out and see red, you got a fish!

The kids loved this. SO DID I!!! By the time we set all the lines, we looked back over them, and 2 of them were red. The plan was to leave them out overnight and check them this morning. We checked the 2 that flipped, and we had already caught 2 flathead catfish. The larger of the 2 weighing 13 pounds.

This morning we went back out and caught a total of 9 more catfish.
The fun part was the 2 missing lines.

We could only find 10 of our 12 lines. We searched and searched all around the spot in the lake where we set the lines out. The more we searched, the more perplexed and excited we got! It either meant the weight broke off and it just floated away, or it meant that there was a big strong fish dragging it around the lake.

Well, we were about to give up. We had to get James back to the dock so he could make his T-time. As we were cruising back, I saw one of the red floats off in the distance. As we came up on it, we could tell that the fish was dragging it upstream! Talk about excitement as we pulled that thing out of the water! I reeled in all the previous fish, but Dad and Alan took this one. It was HUGE!!! A blue channel catfish, weighing 24 1/2 pounds. So, we decided to drop James off and go back out and find the other one. After about 20 minutes, I spotted the other one. It was about a half a mile away from where we set it. It had 2 catfish on it. We were expecting another big-daddy. They were both decent size. One was pretty big.

The kids loved it. We all did. I can't wait to do it again. My Dad used to take me and my brothers fishing quite a bit when I was a little girl. I use to enjoy it. Mostly because it was something I got to do with my Dad. This fishing trip kind-of brought it all back. Who ever really fishes much anymore? Well, I'm glad my kids are getting to make these memories too.


Margo said...

Oh my goodness...that sounds like so much fun!! Did you feel like you were on a mission finding those last two?? I have never fished that way before. What lake were you on?? Our church had a fishing derby last night at a pond north of Collinsville. It was really cool to see the kids get so excited when their little bobber went down! Our families should go together sometime!

6HappyHearts said...

Those fish are stinkin' HUGE!!!
And I mean stinkin' literally ; )
Looks like fun!!!