Thursday, July 3, 2008

How Did Your Mom Find Out?

So I overheard a conversation between Selah and her good friend Jenna, our next door neighbor. Jenna was at our home for a "sleep-over." It was really late last night, and all three of us were sitting on the couch. I was on the phone with Jodie (till the wee hours of the morning, as usual) so I suppose they thought I wasn't listening. Of course, once they started talking in the low, almost whisper, of course I tuned into what they were saying. Here's how the conversation went:

Selah: Jenna... so how did your Mom find out that you like Chad?
Jenna: Becca! (her sister)
Selah: What did Becca say?
Jenna: Becca wrote it in her journal, that I like Chad, and then my Mom found it and read it
Me, thinking: (Yea! Mommy-power!!!)
Selah: Oh.

And that was all I heard. But the way they were talking! They sounded like teenagers! My antennas are raised now! Little sneaky girls! It was pretty cute though, I must admit.

(long sigh) boys.


Jodie said...

oh my! how cute. was this her first sleepover? how did it end up? any late night, I mean early morning, walks across the yard? Or did she make it all night?

mommyof3andlovin'it said...

It was at our house, and Jenna made it all night. A few weeks ago Selah tried to stay at our house, but at about 11:30pm they walked her across the yard to our house.

mommyof3andlovin'it said...

Selah tried to stay at THEIR house (I typed OUR house on accident)