Monday, July 21, 2008

Cable Guy ~ Incognito!!

I know... I know... Prepare yourselves. Most of you are going to be in shock. Today we had Cox Cable installed in our home.

#1 Reason: DVR.
#2 Reason: I can't go 3 years in a row without Monday night football.

The rest of it I would actually prefer to do without. We don't watch much TV at all, and I'm hoping we can avoid being sucked into the magic box.

This is a picture of the Cable guy in our driveway. We requested that he come incognito. In an unmarked truck. We didn't want to be responsible for any of the neighbors having a heart attack upon seeing the Cox truck in our driveway.


6HappyHearts said...

I love DVR!!! You'll never view TV the same ; )

Margo said...

Well, we are going 3 months with no's been good, but we definitely miss our sports! Mike is really missing baseball this time of year!