Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The "Crazy Abee"

Our nephew Aaron has been staying with us for over a week now. He is 10, and lives in Alabama. He is such a joy to have in our home. Last summer he stayed with us for 3 weeks. He plays with the kids and joins in on all our family activities. I told him I would be thrilled if my kids grew up and acted so polite and respectful and obedient like he does. He's a GREAT kid, and we are so glad his family lets us have him during the summer.

We spoil him a little bit. He loves all the movies, swimming, VBS, fishing, and all the other fun stuff we do. He said the highlight of this summer with us was the fishing expedition. All we had to do to make him happy was feed him chicken at least once a day. Last year when he left to go back home, Bryson cried the whole evening because he missed him already. He is kind-of like a big brother to Bryson.

Aaron said his name for the boys in our family is the "Crazy Abee's"
What a kid!


6HappyHearts said...

Aaaawww! That's soo "toot"! That's what we call cute around here ; )
Your nephew is a very nice boy! I'm sure he'd just love to hear that one!
Cousins are great! I know J1 really enjoys my 13 yr. old nephew. I hope Bry isn't so sad when he leaves this year?!?

the POWER of REVELATIONS said...

What a GREAT lookin' nephew you have! I could just eat him up! hahaha! Aaron loves spending time with you guys, too. He'd probably move in with you if his mama could let him go. Don't go getting any crazy ideas...I'm not letting him go! But I sure am missing Him! I can't wait to get him home! Love ya'll, Kiss all my nieces and nephew for me!