Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thinkin' Big!

With all the birthday planning and partying going on lately, Bryson has been thinking about what he wants to do for his next birthday party (which isn't for another 4 months). Tonight as I was tucking him in bed He said,
"Mommy, I figured out what I want to do for my birthday party! I want everyone to dress up like Batman. And if they don't have enough money for a Batman costume then they can buy a Superman one, and if they don't have enough money for a Superman costume then they can buy Spiderman." I said "Okay Bryce, we'll see!"
About 5 minutes later he came down the stairs and said,
"Okay, I have one more thing to do at the party! We can make snowballs and throw them at the Grandparents, and then go to Blockbuster and rent Night At The Museum, and then come home and watch the whole thing. Then we can look at all our rooms, then play PlayStation. And if there's enough time we can go to Papa's house to play the Wii."
At that point I said "Alright Bryson, maybe we can do some of that stuff. Now go to bed!"

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