Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bryson's Football Birthday Party... no. 05

We had a Fun Football Bash to celebrate Bryson's 5th birthday. We celebrated with family and friends. We were hoping to tailgate, literally, but the truck wouldn't fit through the gate. But it was okay... we had a fire in the outdoor fireplace, a table full of drinks and "game time" food, cupcakes, a homemade cookie-cake I decorated to look like a football field, and all to the cool football remix CD Alan made. This is 4 out of his 5 birthdays we have celebrated outdoors in early January.
The kids played in the yard, threw balloon-footballs through the goal posts, threw the real football around (he got 2!), and Bryson opened a huge pile of gifts. It was a great party. All the guests went home with a bag of popcorn and one of the CD's to remember his party by. It was a blast. (and a big thanks to Grandma Lou Lou and Auntie Joy for helping get all the food ready and pull it all together! As always!)

Thanks to all our friends and family who traveled and spent the day with us. I think everyone had a great time. I know we did. Birthday parties are my favorite thing!!!

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Jesse said...

Can't believe your baby boy is getting that big. My how time flies.