Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They Do Love Crafts!!!

Since it's a snow day, the kids have been "playing school" and we've been doing different craft projects. The UPS man made our day when he delivered a box of clothes I ordered on-line. The funniest thing... Charis wanted a flower shirt to go with her new skirt, and when she couldn't find one, Selah offered to make her one out of paper. She cut it out and asked me for some tape. I looked and realized I hadn't bought any after running out from wrapping Christmas gifts. A few minutes later, I found the girls had come up with another solution. I gotta give 'em credit for figuring out a way to make it work. Selah took her pink sparklie Elmer's glue, and glued the paper shirt she made right to Charis' skin. Funny! Bath time.


Michelle said...

Looks like you have a future designer on your hands. Very creative. :)

Jesse said...

What are big sisters for!!