Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Days Again ~ We kind-a like it.

Well, good ol' Oklahoma weather! Here we are on another snow day. The kids were home yesterday, and now today. This is actually #4 for the school year. But we kind-a like it. We sleep in (or I should say that I sleep in). We wake up and stay in pj's and eat melted cheese for lunch (2 of the things Selah misses the most about homeschooling). It's funny... we can't even get a good snow. Our "snow days" are actually nothing but ice, sleet, and a little bit of crunchy-icy snow. We've had fun, but I'm starting to get cranky. I keep hearing the words "Don't do that, guys!" come out of my mouth... whether it's Selah standing on the back of the couch, all of them standing on the top bunk and throwing the regular size basketball from Bryson's bed to the goal they set up in the entry way, the girls using the living room window to remove excess glue from their paper-craft project, running at top speed in figure 8's around the couches, then the bar, the couches, then the bar. After another goose-egg on the forehead from running into the couch (Bryson, of course), once again, those words come bellowing out of my mouth.
Solution: have them help me clean for awhile. Bryson picked up toys, Selah hung coats and picked up shoes from the morning excursion in the icy-crunchy snow, and Charis got to vaccuum the floor. I laid down with Charis to tuck her in for a nap, and overheard a funny conversation between Selah and Bryson. It went something like this...

Selah: We have to clean all the time. It's like we're maids.
Bryson: Yeah we always clean and Daddy and Mommy just play on the computer.
Selah: I know, they never clean. Only us.
Bryson: Yeah well, we clean because God wants us to do it.
Selah: Yeah. (which I thought was said in a sarcastic tone, but nothing came after it, so I smiled and thought I'd let that be the resolve).

Chili and fritos tonight for dinner, and top it off with relaxing on the couch with my Babe watching LOST. Ahhh yeah. Good day.

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