Saturday, January 30, 2010

Geography .101

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A couple years ago, Alan and I set a goal for our family. A pretty big one! Crazy as it sounds, we think it would be cool if we could take the kids to all 50 states by the time they graduate from college. Wouldn't that be so fun!?!? And such a cool memory for all of us. And OH MY GOODNESS... the things we will learn!!

When I was making the final decision to home school again, Alan would remind me how if we were home schooling, we could take a week or two and travel around the country... first studying the various states and land marks, and then getting to travel there together. Sounds like a blast, huh!

I posted on the U.S. map shown above all the States I have visited in my lifetime. I must admit, several of the states that I've been to were really just "drive-throughs" to get to another destination state, ie. Mississippi and Tennessee. Even Nebraska was just on-the-way to South Dakota. In reality, I would hardly say I visited some of these states, and even more, that I really know much about those states at all.

So, we are on a quest. For the next 12-15 years. The kids are already off to a decent start due visiting family in other states, and vacationing. Their map is shown below. I plan to go back over the states they have been to and all of us can learn more about those states first, starting with Alabama. We will be heading there in a couple weeks to visit Adam, Theresa, and the boys. I hope I'll have some interesting fun reports of our travels to blog about.

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