Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy B-day Buddy-Boo

Our son turns 6 today! Why are his birthdays so much harder on me than the others? I just love him at every age (as I do the girls too, of course). But there's something about him ~ about each year and stage of life ~ that is so fun! He's ALL BOY, that's for sure, but also sensitive and can hang with us 3 girls all day long.
He will cook, do crafts, and even sit through a Barbie movie or two. ;-) (someday he'll kill me for posting that one).
I say having 2 sisters and a mom to hang-out with will just make him a really good husband some day. Even more, he's one of the lucky kids who has a Daddy who adores him, and wants more than anything to be his "Buddy." Bryson is his Daddy's "Buddy" and he's my "Buddy Boo."

These are a few of his favorite things:

~playing outside
~playing poker
~playing Wii/Playstaion/Nintendo DS
~playing soccer, football, basketball, and any other fun outdoor sport with balls
~playing games
~playing cards

~riding the neighbor's new little motorcycle
~running/racing (when we pull into the neighborhood, he asks me to drop him off and let him run home. Which I often do). At soccer practice, when they run drills, he is always looking to see if he's ahead, and if so, just how far ahead
~being competitive
~the zoo
~Magic Treehouse books
~watching NFL football
~when his cousin Aaron comes and stays for part of the summer
~being dressed only in his underwear (doesn't like clothes- at all)
~did I mention playing poker?
~going to Grandma's house
~earning and saving money
~Daddy dates
~to show off a little bit
~and most of all, he likes to WIN!

He's a very cool kid. Competitive. Thoughtful. Content with life. Brilliant. Driven. Loving and kind. A little shy sometimes. Athletic. Stubborn. He's always willing to share. He will share his food/candy/money. He will offer to use his money to buy things his sisters want or to give away to church or people in need. I love that about him. He is always up for some fun, yet cautious. Most of all he's happy. And that's enough for a little boy. And that's enough for his Mommy too.

Love him!
Happy Birthday!

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