Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Kicking-Off another season of 'Soccer Mom!'

And so it has begun again... soccer season. The kids played indoor soccer this winter, but the official spring soccer season has started again. Yippie! I Love it! Tonight Selah had practice for 1.5 hours at Stone Canyon gym, and I was chuckling to myself about how much of a soccer mom I truly am. The 1.5 hours flew by as I sat there and watched. And it flew by for Selah too! As soon as we got in the car to go home, Selah began saying that she wanted to do lots of soccer camps this summer after the spring season is over. She just can't get enough!

This season Selah is on an Academy team. After a couple practice sessions with all the new girls, her coach told me that she has "really good skills" and will do great! Since it's academy level, they play 8v8 with a goalie. There are a few new rules she is learning, such as OFF-SIDES. They also work hard on ball handling skills/drills, and she will learn to play the specific positions (rather than the "cluster" of kids trying to take the ball down field and score). She is PUMPED! and soccer is definitely her favorite thing!
I have a visual picture of her that is forever frozen in my mind... when we lived at our old house, in the big back yard... she was wearing a pink princess dress-up dress, kicking the soccer ball across the yard. Yep. That's her.

Bryson is "kickin' it" again too! This past week we've had 3 indoor practices (in Tulsa) to get ready for a tournament they have this coming Saturday in Claremore. His team is so cute and so fun (and so good - but I'm not biased or anything)! In fact, the Owasso Soccer Club asked them to move up a bracket rather than playing U6 again this spring. We all agreed that it would be more advantageous for the team, and for the teams they were playing against. Hopefully they will be able to hang with boys a year older, a year more experienced, and a year bigger. The consensus is that we might not win every game, but that we should win some. In any case, I'm sure it will be more of a challenge, ie. a good experience!
We did lose a player to baseball, and Lane will be missed. Last night Bryson said "I already miss Lane!" Who knows... maybe we can get him back next year?

And Charis is starting soccer this season too! She is very excited, and I can't wait to see her play. Um... I'm pretty sure she'll rock the field too... after playing with big sis and bro in the yard so much. She has been waiting and waiting for her chance to play. I totally can't wait and I am so excited for her!

So for the next 12 weeks, it's Charis and Bryce having Saturday games, and Selah having a game on Sundays in Tulsa. So... like I've said before.... it's a good thing I LOVE being a Soccer Momma!
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