Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Flag-Day Babies!

We love celebrating Papa, Selah, and their red-white-n-blue birthdays! Our favorite way to celebrate is with the family, at our home. And being the festive people we are... I'm lovin all the red-white-n-blue everywhere! We are pretty blessed that our family is close enough to celebrate with us.

Cousins playing together.

Time to eat!

Selah is ready to open her gifts!

Gigi knows Selah loves to cook, so her and Lynette made Selah a little cookbook of some of Gigi's favorite recipes. How cute and how special is this!

Cousin Kalea giving her another year subscription to the American Girl Magazine!

Bryce got her a "flag day birthday" soccer ball!

The kids giving my Dad his cards they made him, and probably helping him open his gifts too.

Charis giving her card to her Papa... I wish I could remember what he said that made her laugh! I love this picture!

Last year Selah's Grandma Lou Lou made her cake with coolwhip and berries, and Selah loved it so much, she wanted another one this year! AND, she wanted to make it herself, so she did! Very pretty and very, very delish!

Happy Birthday!!


Steph T. said...

HBTU Selah and Tom!! Love the stars and stripes!!!

6HappyHearts said...

Your parties are the best! Great pics!Love your sweet family :)

Dawn said...

How fun! You do have great parties.

And I love that same picture you said you loved. So precious!

Jesse said...

Happy Birthday to them! What a fun time!

Aimie said...

How sweet! My baby is a 4th of July baby too!! I love the party you threw her!! You have a wonderful family :)