Friday, June 4, 2010

Me and My Babe

Can't I ever get a good picture with him anymore? If it's not the kids messing it up, it's him!!! Just kidding. Er, uh, maybe it was the alligator we just tried for the first time ever. It was weird. So I guess I'm not mad at him for screwing up this would-be cute pic of us! lol!! Yeah, I love him! And he's cute anyway. Him and his big orange shirt. He's all mine!

Here he is laughing at his first pic he just took. I give up! :-)


Julie Jabbers said...

I wanted to share that I viewed your recent posts, what FUN and beautiful pictures!
I lost both my Grandmas as a young child, and haven't lived near my mom in over 20 years, so its wonderful and very touching to see you with your Grandma Rada. Soak up every minute, as she gives you her wisdom and passes on traditions. And, we can benefit too! :)
As far as getting a good pic with the hubby, we have the same problem. Kyle hates his pic taken, which makes it even more challenging. Check out my blog, I have made it more family/mom oriented with an additional twist on Aspergers to connect with the other moms out there with special need children.
Again, your creativity and talent amazes me.

Mom To The 3rd Power said...

Thanks Julie... you are so sweet and friendly all the time! I appreciate you!

6HappyHearts said...

This is too cute!!!
I love his orange shirt you know.
Is it just me or have you added a ton of posts.
Very cool.