Thursday, August 26, 2010

American Girl History - Felicity, Week 2

We are in our 2nd week of our American Girl curriculum. The year is divided into studying 7 of the different American Girls and their culture; what the world was like during their particular era.

The first American Girl in our study is Felicity; a little girl living in the colony of Williamsburg in 1774. For each of the 6 'Felicity' weeks we read one of her chapter books each week, we read and study additional books, such as a biography on George Washington and Betsy Ross. We do various crafts and projects, such as write an invitation to tea and make our own "store front" sign as if we owned and operated a business in the colony.

In addition to the curriculum and chapter books, I ordered the the book Felicity's World, and Felicity's Cookbook (I ordered the cookbooks and 'world' books of the other girls too). Often times this week I've walked into a room and found Selah reading and admiring the 'world' books of the American Girls. She's even taken them with us to read in the car. Alan said the other night Selah had 3 or 4 of the various 'world' books open and laid out on the ottoman, and she was comparing the times of the girls against one another. My point is, she is l-o-v-i-n-g what she is learning.

This morning Selah made breakfast from Felicity's cookbook. This afternoon we had our first 'American Girl Club' with 6 other friends also doing the same curriculum this year. The girls had a 'Felicity Tea Party' and got to practice their proper tea etiquette. Sort-of. Ha!

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