Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun Friday's - How I Love You!

This summer has been a BLAST! Our favorite day of the summertime weeks have been Friday! Make that FUN FRIDAY!

All the Momma's bring our cute selves, loads of sunscreen, coozied drinks, our fashionable hats and/or sunglasses, and junk food. Oh, and the kids. Of course.

We have a blast! The kids play. We play. We chat. We encourage. We uplift. We need a lift. Oh. We gab. We laugh. Maybe gripe just a little. And we try to keep our eyes on the kiddo's.

The kids love Fun Fridays just as much as us Mommas do.

Fun Friday's - how I love you, and I'm sad the summer is coming to an end. And thanks for the awesome tan this year!

Love, Cari

ps. thanks J's!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Love the pictures!!
I'm sad Fun Fridays are over until next summer.