Saturday, August 28, 2010

Route 66 Pops

If you ask Alan and I to list our top 5 favorite things to do... on the list would be our enjoyment of finding really cool, fun, and/or quaint places to eat. On vacation, I think most of our memories are even connected to the places we find to dine. We like outdoor dining best, and often choose our restaurant when we see there are tables outside on the deck or sidewalk of the cafe. And we usually like the little pizza parlors or swanky sandwich shops or thatched-roof Mexican places best. Occasionally we do "fancy" I guess, but we much prefer "fun." And really, a big juicy burger and fries served in a plastic basket tops our list.

Most recently the lil' place we found is not so much known for it's food, but more for it's pop. Or I should say pops, hence the name.
It's located right outside of the Oklahoma City/Edmond area, in a town named Arcadia.

You may have seen the giant soda bottle beside the road when traveling on Route 66 east of Edmond. Towering an appropriate 66 feet above the historic road near Arcadia, it is the calling card of POPS, a roadside gas station, cafe, convenience store and soda fountain.

Selah had a soccer tournament in OKC this past weekend, and as soon as Charis heard we were headed there, she yelled "CAN WE GO to POPS!!!!?????!!!" And how could we turn down her sweet shy little request? I mean? For the love! "Of course we can go there sweet baby!"

This time I made sure to take my camera and get a few pics. We were seated outside in the "back yard." We devoured our burgers and fries, drank our specially chosen bottles of pop, and enjoyed once again the historic hills and curves of Route 66 as we headed home with full bellies. And with a few cases of clanking bottles in tow.



Steph T. said...

That is so on our list for next summer!!

Anonymous said...

a group from our church went to Pops and it was really great. We couldn't believe all the different colors and shapes of pop and bottles. Our lunch was great.