Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day Of School, 2011-2012

I was still dreaming, I think, when Charis crawled into bed and whispered excitedly "Mommy!! This is our first day of school!!" I rolled over and hugged her and said "I know! Are you ready?" She was, and so was I. She wanted to help me make breakfast so we made oatmeal and set out frozen fruit cups. Selah and Bryce woke up shortly after... no wait... Bryce was already out fishing at the pond... but Selah woke up and Bryce happened to come in just in time for breakfast. For a split second I thought he might complain when I said "Hey Buddy! Time to come on in and start school." But he said "Okay!" So while I dished up breakfast, the kids got their bibles and our Devotional book (that we will read from each morning to start our day). We had a wonderful breakfast together reading and talking about God answering our prayers.

Afterwards we moved to the couch and did some science, learning about invertebrates, vertebrates, cold-blood animals, and what it means to "classify" something scientifically. We had fun classifying a handful of pens and pencils. Then they did math for a bit. Both kids are doing 3rd grade math this year. Together we started memorizing/learning vo-cab words (Wordly Wise) and they had some chapter book reading time.

After a morning of good learning time, I took them to Panera for a sweet treat to celebrate our first day. Over some bagels and cinnamon rolls, we all filled out a little questionaire I made up quick before we left. Questions like:

"Every day my favorite thing to do is_______"
Bryce and Charis said "FISH"
Selah said "homescool and spend time with friends and family and soccer."

"God is awesome when______"
Charis said "he gives me food!"
Selah said "When he answers prayrs."
Bryce said "He helps us get through things"

"If I could have 1 wish it would be______"
Bryce said "That we could go back to the day were Grandma Vicki wase alive."
Charis said "That my brother and sister are nice!"
Selah said "that nothing would go on bad with cancer."

"What I love about my family______"
Bryce said "when we fish together"
Selah said "is when they are so fun and my family rocks and a lot of more stuf"
Charis said "our hom and tha bi me toyz"

"When I grow up I want to______"
Selah said "be a cook or a soccer player"
Bryce said "be a snake handler"
Charis said "be a sientist"

And maybe my favorite question of all...
"Today is our 1st day of school. I like to home school because______"
Charis said "my Mommy techez me"
Bryce said "my Mom teaches me. Sometims I get a little bored."
Selah said "of my teacher because she is so nice. And my brother and sister. We have so much fun all year."

Well... no pressure at all... but sounds like they love that I'm their teacher. And if we can enjoy being together, and keep it exciting, and have fun all year... then I think we will have succeeded. Here we go...

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Jennifer said...

Looks like a perfect first day of school!