Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grandma Rada's Garden and Summer Stand

The kids and I visited my Grandma Rada today. She is my Grandma ~ my Mom's Mom. I love being around her... it's so much like being around my Mom and it brings back floods of memories while we are visiting her.
After giving her the update on everyone in the family, and after she popped Charis' toes, and after she played Chinese Checkers on the floor with the kids, we went on a tour of her gardens. This 100+ heat for days and days now has been hard on her and the gardens, but the kids did get to harvest some tomatoes, cucs, and an okra. She grows veggies to sell to lake neighbors and guests. Mostly though she cans jellies, jams, veggies and fruits (and some in ways I've never even heard of). She bakes pies and desserts and breads and has them frozen, ready for people to buy. Every summer she sets up a stand in her front yard. People just stop in and buy them from her right off of her little stand. She said she canned and sold over 48 jars of pickled okra alone so far this summer, $4 a pint.

Grandma Rada's gardens

And this is a picture of her creepy looking scare-crow. Or Scare-deer. I don't know what it is... but it's freaky looking. She says it scares the birds and deer away. I don't even want to know what the neighbors have to say about this as they drive by, ha ha! Oh well... God love her! And I don't think I should ever tell Tasha that she said "I named her TASHA after Daniel's wife!"

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