Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tubing on Grand Lake

The sweet, gracious family that let use their lake house for our family retreat also gave us access to their boats, tubes, wake boards, and wave runners. Here are a few pics of the TUBING. And let me just say " I ROCKED IT! Aw yeah... Aw yeah... I still got it goin' on!"

Yep... that's me up there ^^^

And here are a few of everyone else! The kids had a blast! Especially the boys, trying to see who could stay on the longest. Nathan held the record for awile... Drew always complaining Nate was kicking him off. We were like "Yeah... whatever Drew!!" Then Bryce dualed with him, and we noticed Nathan WAS in fact putting his legs all the way to the other guys side... and nudging him off the edge!! At one point Nathans legs were on TOP of Bryson's legs! It was hilarious to watch. That particular ride Nate fell off and Bryce was the champ. And of course we gave Nathan a VERY hard time, and told him that we now know his trick! The kids loved it!

And... a few more of me because I feel like bragging a lil' more. Aw yeah... Aw yeah...

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