Monday, August 22, 2011

School of Fish

What a lucky day... we happened to be learning about FISH in our science book. The kids were just a little bit excited. You know... along down the way on the chain we are studying.... from Vertibrates to Cold-blooded to FISH.
We read our pages and talked extensively about the characteristics of fish. They knew most of it just from the hours and hours and hours they have fished in our pond over the summer so far, but connecting the dots and getting more details from the book was great info.
Charis had the grand idea that once we finished studying and learning about it, they could all go out and fish together. They hoped to catch some fish and check the fish for scales, for the clear slimy substance on the fish, (to see that catfish don't have scales, but the bass and perch maybe do), and maybe even to see if there were any parasites on the fish. So they went out to the pond, and just a few minutes later Bryce had caught a catfish. How fun... THIS is one of the many reasons why I LOVE learning at home!!

ps. Well... they didn't catch a fish with scales. Hmmmm... maybe I will send them back outside to fish a little longer. You know... for research purposes

pss. the catfish was not out of the water long... we made sure he swam away.

psss. we are having salmon for dinner tonight.

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Jennifer said...

This is why we homeschool isn't it! I love these moments, thanks for sharing.