Saturday, June 14, 2008

Birthday Girl... Selah turns 6!

Selah is 6 years old! I cannot believe it! Before I go gettin' all sappy, I'll just say that it was a GREAT day! We had so much fun! Selah started the day out getting a new bike as a birthday gift. She wanted powdered donuts for breakfast, so we went to Wal-mart and ate donuts and milk. We came home and she spent most of the day riding her new bike around.
The evening was spent with family at the River Walk in Jenks. We all ate dinner at Los Cabos. The kids got their faces painted by a clown, we all walked along the river, and we finished the evening hanging out listening to the concert. It was such an enjoyable time together! The weather was perfect, and we had a wonderful reason to celebrate!
We have always loved it that Selah was born on my Dad's birthday, which is also flag day (hence all the red-white-and-blue).
Selah is one of my favorite people in the world to be with. She is a special child. She is very analytical. She doesn't express her thoughts or feelings too often, but thinks things over in her head. She is a pretty quiet girl, and usually pretty serious. She does not like to be the center of attention, and usually when people talk to her, she talks back, but has to kind-of force herself to do so. Her whole life, almost everywhere we go, people tell us and her how beautiful she is. By now, of course, she knows it. I usually still have to remind her to thank people when they give her those compliments, and she'll offer a very quiet "thank you." It's that whole center of attention thing. Even when she was a tiny baby, it took her time to warm up to anyone she was around. She still has to do that, but once she does, she has a great time and she is fun to be with! I know she wishes she could loosen up and be silly more often, but she is more mellow by nature. She is very observant. She notices things about people or places or situations that surprise me sometimes. One of my goals in raising Selah is for her to be comfortable with who she is, and to love herself. God loves her just as he created her to be, and so do we!
She loves stuffed animals (particularly her Build-a-Bear animals), watching movies, crafts, playing sports (soccer and basketball), riding bikes, being with her friends, and being with me. She has GOT to be the biggest Mommy's Girl around. She wants to do what is right and what is good. I can tell already that someday she will be a strong Christian. She is intuitive, and has a really good head on her shoulders.
One of the neatest qualities about Selah is that she is extremely loyal. I see this in her relationship with me, and in the way she acts with her friendships. I know that will go well with her in life. Another one of my favorite things about her... anytime she hears a word that she doesn't know, she always asks me what it means. And usually, I will hear her using it later on. This is part of that analytical/observant thing I mentioned earlier. She is so much like me. In some ways I love that, and of course, in some ways I wish I could "fix" her now so she won't share some of the same struggles I have. But, I know her heart. I know it will be a heart for God, and a heart to be and do what she knows is right. That will make her one of the neatest women! I am proud to have her as my daughter. It's pretty cool when they get old enough that we can see a glimpse of who they will be as adults. Thank you Lord for my precious Selah. She has my heart, and has since the moment I saw her. I love her so much. We prayed for Selah by name for 2 years before we had her. Just as Hannah said in the book of Samuel, "We prayed for this child, and the Lord granted us what we asked of Him."


janice said...

Selah is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady! Wished we could have been there. Her bike is awesome! Drew was looking at the pictures and thinks Charis looks exactly like Selah. Looks like a great time! Wah for us....hope to see you all soon.

Jesse said...

OMG! I can't believe she is 6! And look at all that pretty long hair! I will never forget her baby hair that stood straight up! Time sure flies.